About Us


  • Coordinated person-centred health care
  • Connected to community
  • Creating wellness for all


Everyone matters...
Everyone working together to build healthy communities throughout Oxford County by providing health care, support and education that works for you.


We listen, we care, we respond.

...Accessibility - Inclusivity
We break down barriers.

...Relationship Based
We foster trusting caring relationships.

We empower individuals.
We strengthen community.

We work together with individuals, families and community to provide excellent health services.

We individualize support for the whole person based on their histories, strengths, choices, needs and values.

We are accountable for providing evidence based, best practice, client centred care.


Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

All documents required by the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (as per Ontario Regulation 429/07), are available upon request, subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


In November 2005, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) announced that the City of Woodstock was designated to receive a Community Health Centre (CHC). In 2006 the MOHLTC hired a consultant to conduct a preliminary community engagement process. The main objective was to mobilize local representatives to lead the development of the new CHC. At the conclusion of this first phase, it was decided that the catchment area for services must extend beyond Woodstock into neighbouring communities. Thus, the newly named Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre (WACHC) was born. The Steering Committee became an incorporated Board of Directors in March 2008.

Community Health Centres in Ontario

Ontario's 74 Community Health Centres are governed by volunteer boards of directors and have provided services in Ontario for more than 30 years. Community Health Centres employ mulit-disciplinary teams of health care providers such as nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, health promoters and physicians. The CHC team members work collaboratively to provide primary care, health promotion and community development programs and services to priority populations.

Serving Oxford County

The catchment area of the Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre is all of Oxford County. Primary care will be offered to residents of Oxford County who are members of the identified priority populations. The priority populations are those residents living within the identified catchment area, who are not registered with a primary healthcare practitioner; and also experience other barriers to accessing primary healthcare.

The emphasis is on the following populations:

  • Persons living with addictions
  • Persons experiencing mental health challenges
  • Families with low incomes
  • Youth
  • Isolated seniors
  • People who are not insured (do not have access to OHIP)

In addition to primary care services, we offer a range of health program to anyone who wants to achieve their health care goals such as: meal planning, food budgeting, stress management, living with a chronic condition, learning opportunities specifically for youth. Programs at a Glance will provide an overview of what is available to help you achieve your health goals.


How is the Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre funded?

The Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre is funded by the South West Local Integration Network through a Multi-Sectoral Accountability Agreement (MSAA) that is signed by the Board. The agreement outlines our financial and service accountabilities that has been agreed to in order to receive Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funding.

Quality Improvement Plans

Part of Health Quality Ontario’s mission is to drive a culture of quality throughout Ontario’s health care system.  The Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre participates in this program, and one of the requirements is a Quality Improvement Plan

Part of our quality improvement plan is to seek feedback from everyone who visits the Centre through our Satisfaction Survey.  Please take time to review Our Quality Improvement Targets and Final Report.


Privacy Policy

We have responsibility for personal information.  Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre is committed to protecting the information it holds about you and ensures that Personal Health Information is managed according to the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

We are clear about why we collect information from you. 

We collect information about you so that we can: provide care or services to you; evaluate, manage and plan our services; and meet our legal and funder requirements.

We work in a team model where physicians, nurses, social workers, community workers and a variety of skilled staff provide high quality services for you. 

Your information may be shared among staff of our health centre and other healthcare providers who are involved in your care, in order to be able to help you most effectively.

We ask for your consent to use and share your personal information.

Every individual (or his/her legally authorised representative) will sign an agreement about how we can use your personal information.

We will limit the collection of personal information.

We will only collect information that is necessary to provide good service to you and to meet our legal and funding obligations.

We use personal information only for the purposes you have agreed to unless the use or sharing is permitted or required by law.

We will only use your personal information to provide care or services to you, to evaluate, manage and plan community services.  The only exceptions are if you agree that we can use your information for other purposes and when we are required by law.

We take steps to safeguard your personal information.

We will protect your information and ensure its privacy.

You may ask about our privacy policies and practises.

A staff person will provide you with information about our policies and practises related to the management of personal information within a reasonable period of time.

You have a right to know what personal information we hold about you and you can ask to see your records.

You have the right to access the information we have about you.  You can do this by writing us a note and signing it.

We respond to concerns and questions.

If you have questions or concerns about the way the Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre is carrying out these principles, please contact our Privacy Officer.


Responsibilities of Clients

 To be involved in your health care; including following care plans created with your health care provider

  • To treat all staff and other clients with respect and courtesy
  • To share important information necessary for your care
  • To have positive interactions with Health Centre Staff including:
    • Be on time for appointments
    • Cancel appointments if not able to attend in a timely fashion
    • Be honest; let us know when something is not working for you


Rights of Clients

 To express your opinions and be heard in a manner that is open, honest and accepting

  • To be treated courteously, respectfully, fairly, with dignity and without discrimination
  • To have your privacy and confidentiality respected
  • To have your individuality respected, which may include various ethnic, psychological, spiritual, language or cultural issues
  • To provide feedback to the Centre, including making a complaint
  • To be fully informed, in language you can understand, and make decisions regarding all aspects of your care
  • To be told about your treatment options,  including the right to decline treatment and be informed of the possible consequences
  • To feel safe and free from abuse

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