Health Care

New Registrations

The Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre is no longer taking any new registrations.  We now have a waitlist that we need to get through, before taking any new registrations.

A reminder - all of our community programs and groups are open to anyone living in Oxford County.  Feel free to join any of the groups listed on the calendar.

Health is more than just the absence of illness or disease, it is an overall sense of well-being. We believe that wellness comes from taking part in maintaining your health and making informed choices. When you access care , you are an active partner in your own health and well-being.



Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Woodstock and Are Community Health Centre’s (the Centre) directors, staff, volunteers and students will be courteous, professional and respectful to clients at all times and in all circumstances.  The Centre will provide high quality, confidential services in an environment free of discrimination.  In turn, clients of the Centre are expected to treat everyone in a courteous and respectful manner, without discrimination.


Responsibilities of Clients

  • To be committed to improving their health and to participate in their healthcare
  • To treat others courteously, with respect and fairness and without discrimination
  • To be accountable for their actions and to accept the consequences of their behaviour, which may include withdrawing from the Centre’s services
  • To be on time for appointments and to cancel appointments that they are not able to attend, in a timely fashion
  • To be honest in their interactions with the Centre


Rights of the Clients:

  • To express their opinions and be heard in a manner that is open, honest and accepting
  • To be treated courteously, respectfully, fairly and with dignity
  • To have their privacy and confidentiality respected
  • To have individual differences respected, which may include various ethnic, psychological, spiritual, language or cultural issues
  • To feel accepted and welcomed
  • To provide feedback to the Centre.





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